What Is Bit Depth and Does It Even Matter?


Bit depth is a type of digicam specs that’s complicated for lots of newer and even some skilled photographers. From seize, to file format, and even modifying mode, this video provides a fast introduction to what bit depth is. 

Bit depth refers back to the quantity of shade data represented in a picture. At its fundamental stage, a 1-bit picture would solely have the ability to present black and white. Greater bits are able to exhibiting shade data, and the upper the bit depth, the extra colours will be displayed. At present, most cameras are able to recording wherever from Eight-bit to 16-bit. So clearly, we would like a digicam that may shoot on the highest bit depth accessible proper? Nicely, it will get a bit extra sophisticated than that. 

On this video, Matt Granger asks the query: does bit depth even matter? Granger begins off doing a terrific job breaking down simply what bit depth is, how cameras use this data to show shade in photographs, and the way bit depth is displayed in numerous file codecs. He then goes on to level out how most photographs are displayed on the web as Eight-bit JPEGs, whereas most screens are solely able to displaying Eight to 10 bits.

It’s in uncooked file modifying that larger bits turn into essential. In the event you had been to take a 16-bit picture and convert it to Eight-bit, sometimes, the typical individual will not see a distinction. Most individuals may have hassle seeing any distinction in gradation above 10 bits, so until pixel-peeping Eight-bit will get the job completed. Nonetheless, if you take that transformed 16-bit to Eight-bit picture and begin to deliver up the shadows or pull down the highlights, you might begin to see noticeable gradation. That is why regardless that you’ll most definitely export your closing photographs as Eight-bit JPEGs, you wish to do your edits in a better bit depth every time attainable to provide the finest leeway in these edits. In fact, how drastic your edits are and the way a lot you attempt to push these edits will range from individual to individual. Even when modifying, a number of photographers most likely would not see a lot of a profit from high-bit-depth modifying if these edits are fundamental changes. 

So, what does your workflow appear to be, and the way does bit depth have an effect on your photographs?