The Usefulness of Lightroom’s Secondary Show


Buried deep inside Lightroom’s menu is a extremely helpful function: the secondary show perform. This could make your workflow each far simpler and far more environment friendly. This nice video dives into the secondary show function to point out you the way it may be of use to your post-processing workflow.

Coming to you from Anthony Morganti, this useful video discusses the secondary show function in Lightroom. If you’re somebody who makes use of a number of displays in your workflow, this function is especially helpful. For instance, within the Library module, you may have a grid of your pictures displayed on one monitor together with your chosen photograph maximized on the opposite monitor, saving you from continuously opening and minimizing pictures. You may as well use it to reference different pictures whereas enhancing, making it straightforward to persistently match kinds or imitate one other photograph’s post-processing. You possibly can even change the conduct of the secondary show relative to the primary show by altering the mode between regular, stay, and locked, permitting you to do issues like have it observe your grid alternatives or preserve a sure photograph locked in place. It’s actually a great tool for a lot of workflows. Try the video above for the complete rundown.