Regardless of whether or not it be for capturing stills or lights vivid video clips, lights approaches have in fact begun to come in a lot more shapes and sizes.

I to begin with came across RGB wands when we had been owning our engagement pics taken at the begin of this yr. The reality that these useful tiny gear can construct these a assortment of lively tones and match ambient light-weight was fairly intriguing. Just soon after all, we photographers absolutely really like innovation in something that contains our craft.

Nanlite initial emerged with their Pavotube RGB wands in the center of 2019. These tubes came out in the selection of the 15C and the 30C, with lengths of two toes and four feet, respectively. Even even though they currently light and transportable to begin off with, Nanlite just unveiled the smallest version of the Pavotube line, the Nanlite Pavotube II 6C.

Generate and Portability

This variation will come in at just 25 centimeters (scarcely a foot) and weighs 260 grams, as it is predominantly created of difficult plastic, a steel rear panel, and a couple of magnetic plates. The diameter is just 3.9 centimeters, which fits an standard palm beautifully. On the back once again is a back-lit handle panel for switching modes and adjusting brightness and shades. Appropriate subsequent to the buttons is a USB-C port for every charging and updating the device’s firmware.

On the two finishes of the tube, you will learn widespread ¼-20 screw threads for mounting the integrated wrist strap or mounting the Pavotube onto a tripod, friction arm, a clamp, or virtually just about something with a ¼-20 thread screw. This enables just 1 to use it and mount it on a variety of surfaces with the perfect mix of mounting options. In addition, each of these ends of the tube are lined with magnets that let you to mount it on any steel surface for even a lot a lot more flexibility. The deal also incorporates three metal plates, which Nanlite suggests you tape to your non-magnetic floor of choice to be in a position to mount the tube.

Colour and Brightness

The Nanlite Pavotube II 6C employs five LED bulbs at six watts and is in a position to forged a brightness variety of 286 to 1,576 lux at .three meters primarily based on the shade temperature. It is capable to provide about 36,000 distinct particular person hues amongst two,700 to 7,500 Kelvin shade temperature. The Pavotube II 6C has been supplied a CRI rating widespread of 95 and a TLCI rating ordinary of 97.

The tube is powered by a three.7 volt, two,200 mAh battery that can power the wand for 10 hrs at 1% and just 1 hour at complete brightness. For longer use, the Pavotube II 6C is completely capable of charging while in use with each a widespread USB charging adapter or by a electrical energy lender by the incorporated USB-C cable. This offers elements for portability simply because extended utilization is achievable with no getting acquiring to search for a socket to demand. The standard charging time for the battery when not in use is two.five hours. An extended battery grip is also marketed separately for lengthier battery lifetime, along with other extras this type of as a waterproof bag, a T12 tube holder for additional mounting options, and an egg-crate gentle modifier for managing the beam angle. Wi-fi regulate of the Pavotube II 6C is also doable. Obtaining mentioned that, it desires an RC-1 remote management or a Nanlink WiFi controller to use it with the app.


The physical interface offers three exclusive modes that enable for you to management the colour and brightness of the gentle. CCT mode or Shade Temperature mode lets you to handle the coloration temperature from two,700 K to 7,500 K, which predominantly bargains with the basic coolness warmth. With each other with that is a +/- 50 environmentally friendly to magenta adjustment. This module in reality resembles the coloration regulate of Adobe Lightroom’s white harmony sliders.

HSI manner enables you to handle the brightness and hues with “Dim” or all round brightness, hue, and saturation. This is really a distinct way of picking hues that are fairly a lot assigned numbers from 1 to 360. This approach resembles the HSL module in most editing application that provides you the precise very same a couple of parameters in reaching the right shade that you objective for. The two talked about modes enable for you to match or mix with regardless of what ambient light-weight colour may possibly be obtainable in your shot.

The Certain Consequences manner presents you 19 distinctive selections of dynamic light-weight transitions, this sort of as traditional hue loop and coloration temperature loop, along with a selection of modes that simulate lighting issues in exclusive eventualities, such as flashes of gentle, the lightning for the duration of a storm, police auto lights, Television glints, candlelight, disco lights, multi-coloured fireworks, welding, and brilliant explosions.

Software program

This foot-really lengthy RGB wand has really a quantity of applications. Individually, I will be making use of it for item or service pictures, particularly for opinions these as this 1. With the lighting adaptability of the Pavotube, not only can I determine on distinct tones and brightness for lights my item pics, but I also make use of the a variety of distinct outcomes modes for uniquely colored shots with the use of light painting and really lengthy publicity.

The Nanlite Pavotube II 6C, of study course, has a universe of purposes in capturing portraits either as an adjunct to ambient light or even strobes, or it can be employed for vibrantly coloured portraits with the use of the two colour-collection modes. Regardless of whether individually or in mixture with other Pavotubes, the possibilities are endless in circumstances of combining a variety of shades in the frame.

The Pavotube II 6C can also be applied in distinct video clip initiatives each for lighting items and options and items, specially with the use of the distinct outcomes modes that simulate distinctive lighting ailments with no the require of the call for for switch-flicking.

Presented modularity and portability of this RGB wand, it is the sort of lighting fixture that you in fact can and would in reality want to convey anyplace, from taking images options in the studio, taking images portraits all more than the town, or even lighting for serious travel motion pictures. The dimension matches a regular backpack, and the fat hardly adds to what ever you are presently carrying. Personally, as I scarcely do any of people stated larger than, this sort of a transportable but versatile lights option just could possibly empower me to be a lot a lot more resourceful in shooting merchandise in exclusive spots.

What I Preferred:

  • Light-weight and moveable
  • Versatile mounting with the ¼-20 thread and magnets
  • Ample battery lifetime with the probability of on-the-go charging
  • A quantity of modes for a number of tends to make use of
  • Terrific price tag for cash ($99)

What Can Be Enhanced

  • Needs a third-celebration machine to manage wirelessly
  • Command panel specifications an supplemental choice button for greater ergonomics


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