L06 wood coffee table by Eva Natasa


VDF goods good: L06 is a minimal-rise wooden desk by Eva Natasa that generally requires its cues from the Asian society of flooring dining.

Indonesian brand Eva Natasa designed L06 for use as a espresso desk or to let customers to embrace the culture of ground dining in a modern day place.

Its dimensions was created to make it attainable for consumers to sit very easily on the flooring to dine, operate or socialise, and enable for a quantity of persons to get above meals things, coffee or on the internet games.

“Eva Natasa is intrigued by the early thought of seating in Asia and the mat-quantity furnishings life-style in which an accurate chair is non-existent,” pointed out the manufacturer.

“The little-rise table was generally current to accompany the non-existent chair.”

L06 is created from teak wood, preferred for its toughness and joined making use of brass fixtures. It is obtainable unpainted, or with legs completed in colours ranging from white to dark dusky inexperienced.

It types element of Eva Natasa’s Lula array that is supposed to be equally sustainable and extended-lengthy lasting.

Merchandise: L06
Designer: evanatasa.com
Speak to manage: hello@evanatasa.com

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