A single distinct Light-weight, three Indicates: How To Get The Most Out Of Your A single Light-weight Established-Up


If you have purchased just one particular light-weight sitting down about, I challenge you to uncover 3 imaginative approaches to use it. If you need help coming with thoughts, that is exactly where this helpful video arrives in to participate in. 

With photography, when you crack it down, it will come down to light and shadow. Mild is light-weight, you just have to have to know how to use it. So, prior to you go out and obtain an further set of lights, appear close to your home and see what you have laying about. It could be a desk lamp, a get the job completed gentle from Residence Depot, or even a value completely cost-free remedy: your window. 

A single light is extremely versatile if you know how it characteristics. This weeks video comes from Becki and Chris, a dynamic YouTube duo. In this speedy video clip, Becki and Chris takes us by signifies of a handful of lighting scenarios that all ony use one gentle. The setups were a clamshell setup, a ring light formation, and a darker style scene, just displaying how adaptable one particular distinct light is. If they can do it, you can as effectively.

Out of the procedures they cover, a single of the my go-to setups is the clamshell set up. This is my most loved technique because of how adaptable it is, and how short it is to modify. It operates for males, gals, men and women with glasses, or any age. For this setup, all you will need to have is your essential mild (which need to be modified to in great shape the mood of the shot) and a reflector, or any reflective floor. For instance, If I am heading for a further dramatic aesthetic, I will modify my essential light-weight with a bare reflector and position my light-weight five to 10 ft more than my matter, which offers speedy fall off and harsh shadows. But in a cleaner corporate design and style headshot like the ones underneath, the critical gentle is modified with a 27 inch elegance dish with a layer of diffusion, and is placed a foot greater than my situation, which provides me gentle drop off all about the encounter. Then, I spot a piece of foam major beneath their chin to fill in the shadows. 

What is your favored way to use 1 light? Leave your thoughts in the remarks below.