Shooting an Total Video Venture With One particular Important Lens


Does it ever make feeling to restrict by your self to a solitary lens for filmmaking? Come across out in this film.

In this video from Rubidium Wu for the Crimson Engine, he sits down to speak about the technique behind employing a single lens for filmmaking. Functioning with a single lens for an comprehensive challenge may possibly at extremely 1st audio like it would be born out of budgetary motives, nevertheless that is not normally the circumstance. As Wu points out, possessing every single and each and every scene shot with the precise lens can essentially be a deliberate inventive preference to bring unity to a film or video clip undertaking. That is not to say you just cannot also take pleasure in the financial constructive elements of a single lens on the internet video and allocate that dollars someplace else as a bonus.

Backing this concept up with some proof you can view your self, there have been many huge-price range films that utilized just a 1 lens for their generation. These consist of “Psycho,” “Birdman,” “The Godfather,” “The Royal Tennenbaums,” and other people. If you have witnessed any of these films, you possibly knowledgeable no technique this was the circumstance and that goes to show that the approach does not inherently direct to stale moviemaking.

Have you ever shot an general project with 1 lens? Would you do it as soon as once again or did you get it to be far also restrictive? Let us know in the comments down under.