Sachtler aktive: An Inventive Contemplate on the Film Fluid Head


Today, Sachtler announced their most current innovation with the aktive sequence of fluid heads. Manufactured to switch the preferred FSB items, these new merchandise supply faster and far a lot more versatile operation.

The to start off with introductions to Sachtler’s aktive line incorporate the aktive6aktive8 (with options of a “side load” or “touch and go” plate), and aktiv10, all of which share the very same style and design and style ideas and usually differ in possibly payload capability or bowl measurement. The aktive6 has a payload choice of to 17.six lbs (-eight kilograms) even though the aktive8 and aktive10 have capacities of to 26.five kilos (-12 kilograms). The aktive6 and aktive8 have 75mm leveling bowls and the aktive10 has a 100mm bowl. All aktive fluid heads have 15 actions of counterbalance.

The aktive6 weighs five.7 pounds (two.six kilograms) and has three drag choices. The aktive8 weighs scarcely a lot more at five.9 lbs . (two.7 kilograms), has that tremendously enhanced load capability, and has 7 drag settings. The aktive8T, which is the “touch and go” edition, weighs six.two lbs (two.eight kilograms). The aktive10 weighs six.four pounds (two.9 kilograms) and also has 7 drag settings.

A single of the ingenious techniques that the Sachtler aktive series differs is with its SpeedLock engineering which replaces the require to have for manipulating the regular bowl clamp beneath the tripod head and rather websites the release in close proximity to the other controls on the tripod head itself. By lifting the lever on the front, the particular person can release the bowl lock, quantity the head, then press the lever back once more down to lock it in, all even although preserving their hand in differ of practically every little thing else for elevated speed.

A single a lot more attractive progress is the SpeedSwap function. The aktive fluid heads can be eliminated promptly as there is not a bowl leveling clamp beneath that specifications to be undone to start off with. The instance Sachtler employs is at the moment becoming prepared to think about the aktive head off, enhance a slider onto the tripod, then enhance the fluid head onto the slider all actually effortlessly. For this swiftly swapping to be achievable, extra things like this 75mm bowl adapterthis adapter for the slider attachment, and this adapter for the head attachment to the slider are essential.

The fluid heads also characteristic an illuminated PrismBubble which can be viewed from all angles such as the ideal, facet, and under and in any lights situation with a push to permit the LED. Also beneficial is that the LED will illuminate the anxiety settings for pan and tilt.

Sachtler aktive fluid heads are readily accessible for obtain by oneself or as kits with their flowtech line of tripods. Paired with flowtech tripod legs, the mix is prepared to be decreased straight to floor degree capturing as the legs can go flat and the aktive heads have no release clamp on the underside to block it from executing so. Acquiring alone, the Sachtler aktive6 will expense $1,525, each versions of the aktive8 are $1,965, and the aktive10 is $two,250.